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Wondering why you aren’t getting any traction from your podcast?

This could be for a multiple of reasons, the top three would be :

❌ Lots of Background Noises

❌ Inconsistent with your show & Topic

❌ Bad Audio

But that’s not All why your show might not be performing …

✅ You need to connect with you audience to find out what they want to hear , what they don’t like and why they listen to your show 🤩

Knowing this will help you come up with a clear strategic plan for your show.

🔥 And don’t forget that CTA , just like this…

✅ Have you listened to a podcast with loads of background noise or disturbances before?

When will I be ready to start a podcast?

❓Maybe when I have made my first 10-100k

❓Maybe after I get a lot of speaking opportunities or

❓Maybe after I am insta famous…

Well Hey, universe …what do you think?

Honestly waiting is sometimes just wasting potential😶

✅Time for growth and meeting new people.

🌟If you tell yourself today…I want to start a show …go write down a date 6weeks from now and make it happen 💥

What do you say? Are you down to writing that plan?⬇️

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