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Why Do I Need to Trademark My Podcast?

Your new podcast is your new business and you should treat it as such. Branding is so important for a successful business and it would be a shame for someone to steal your branding from you and hurt your podcast. Trademark your podcast to protect your branding and protect your business. Having to rebrand yourself after being the victim of theft can be costly and could lose you listeners!

What is the Difference Between a Trademark and Copyright?

The difference between a trademark and copyright can be confusing and a bit convoluted. First and foremost, a trademark is used to get exclusive rights to a name, symbol, or slogan. If you use all of these things in your branding, you should consider trademarking all three. These items distinguish your podcast and set it apart from others. Trademarking your podcast title is an important step to making sure that your podcast stands out forever.

Copyright is a little different. While it is a similar concept, copyright actually is used as a preventative measure to keep others from profiting from your content. Whether this is your podcast itself or something else, such as a book, article, song, photo, or artwork.

The 6 Steps of Applying For a Trademark:

Let’s walk through the six steps that you will need to go through to secure your trademark for your podcast. This process can actually be surprisingly quick if you follow the steps properly!

Step One: Decide on what name you would like to trademark.

This should be a pretty simple step as it is most likely just the name of your podcast!

Step Two: Do some research online to make sure that the name is not already taken.

This step is another easy one if you properly researched your podcast title before you began your show. However, it is always a good idea to check again before applying for a trademark just in case someone else decided to start a podcast with the same name after you began your own!

Step Three: Complete an easy application on an online platform.

Some of the platforms that you can use to fill out your trademark application for your podcast include:




Step Four: Be sure to include Class 009 and/or 041.

Trademarking podcasts will typically fall into the Class 009 category for downloadable MP3 files or the Class 041 category which is for entertainment services and podcast content. It is highly recommended that you register your podcast in both classes to protect yourself on both fronts. Class 009 is more for the sale of goods and Class 041 is more for the service of providing entertainment and information.

Step Five: Wait for approval of your trademark application.

Typically this takes about 2-3 days to receive, so hopefully you will not be on step five for very long!

Step Six: Wait for final approval of your trademark application.

This is the lengthier wait, but if all goes well, you should be approved for your trademark in about two weeks after you first applied for your trademark.