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Examples for Content Strategy

Let’s start with Mary! Mary’s topic is motherhood, but this topic is way too broad. She will need three subtopics to be more specific.

These subtopics could be postpartum, healthy diet, and creating a work-life balance. These subtopics would be ideal for her guests and will allow her to expand this singular term into a wider net to draw in more listeners. Within her subtopics, you can find more topic ideas for content within them.

The first subtopic of postpartum can easily be broken down into physical and mental health relating to postpartum. For her second subtopic of a healthy diet, this could refer to the baby or to the mother. She could discuss baby led weaning, or even healthy diets for breastfeeding mothers. Her third and final subtopic of work-life balance can include setting boundaries in the workplace, how to go back to work after having a new baby, or even how to start working from home.


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