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Using a Marketing Funnel to Entice Prospective Podcast Listeners

What is a Marketing Funnel?

A marketing funnel is essentially an upside-down pyramid which starts with all of your potential clients at the top and filters out non-clients until you have a group of people who are willing to buy into what you are trying to sell. Now, for the purposes of a podcast, a podcast funnel is the same thing but with listeners who may want to buy things from you. So now your question is: How do I create such a filter?

How to Convert Your Call to Action Into Listeners and Sales

An extremely important part of any podcast is a call to action, so ensure that you have this set up before you begin considering how to draw in new listeners as it is likely that this is part of the problem if you do not have a call to action set up. An example of a call to action could be that you want them to join your online community or Facebook group. Another example may be that you offer a freebie in return for the listener signing up for your email list.

Something you may want to consider as a moneymaker once you’ve successfully directed your target audience to your community or email list is hosting a virtual event. This can be a higher conversion into sales where you could either sell more of your product or some merchandise in return for the taste of feeling involved in your community through this virtual event. Virtual events do not need to be expensive like in-person ones do and if your community is drawn in enough by your content and the trust that you have built up, you will have an easy time selling tickets. Tip: Keep them cheap at first! Charge $10 for the basic level and consider hosting a VIP offer as well for a little bit more money.

That was a lot of information, so let’s recap by looking at the step-by-step process of a successful podcast funnel.

The Top: Your Podcast

This is the first line where listeners may choose to stay listeners. There will be people who are only interested in tuning into your podcast periodically and they may never join your community or buy anything from you. These are still important listeners to have!

The Middle: Your Community (Or Email List)

This next grouping is listeners who have trusted you enough to move to the next step with you. They haven’t bought anything yet, but they listened to your call of action. This means that there is more potential here for you to sell something to them.

The Bottom: Your Virtual Event

What this virtual event stands for is that these listeners are willing to fork over a little bit of cash for additional content from you. They’re willing to pay $10 for an exclusive event and this means that they are willing to listen to you and that they trust you.

The End: Your Product

You may not have a product that you are selling yet, but those who attended your virtual event are most likely to purchase it. Consider what this may be and how you can draw your listeners down the funnel to this level.