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Three Ways to Ensure that your Podcast Artwork is Perfect for Launch

Artwork is a Major Way to Gain Interest in Your Show

People underestimate the power of podcast artwork, but the truth is that people judge books based on their covers. In terms of your show, your podcast artwork is your cover and you must make sure that it sells your show just as well as every other aspect. When potential listeners are scrolling through podcasts on their phone, you will need to make sure that your podcast artwork is good enough to make them stop scrolling and click on your content.

Tip One: Make sure your artwork stands out.

Are there contrasting colors in your artwork? Is it appealing to the eye? If you have muted colors that blend into each other, it’s possible that people will not be able to read the text on your podcast cover. Make sure that you are picking colors that are contrasting and that your podcast artwork image is legible even though it is tiny on a phone screen. If your branding colors are gentle and soft muted colors, ensure that your artwork is interesting enough to stand out among the other, more flashy podcast covers that may be in your podcast topic area.

Tip Two: Choose fonts wisely.

Using more than two fonts on your podcast artwork can create an unnecessarily busy look to your small podcast artwork. Make sure that you can read the font even when the image is as small as it will be on a smartphone. Keep in mind that many people struggle with reading cursive fonts, especially when the font size is so small on a smartphone. Also, try and match your font style with your topic area for your podcast. If your podcast is about telling scary stories, using a bright and royal script font may not fit very well.

Tip Three: Don’t be afraid to use your face!

Many people like to see the host that they will be investing so much of their time in listening to. Podcast artwork that includes a picture of you can help gain appeal with prospective listeners who want to hear what you have to say. You may be nervous to put yourself out there in this fashion, but remember that you will want to keep listeners interested in what you have to say, and putting yourself out there like this helps listeners to become attached to you and invested in you!

Bonus Tip: Try to avoid using images of microphones! It’s a waste of space, unfortunately. We all know that this is a podcast artwork thumbnail and we know that audio will be involved! Pick something else that displays what your podcast is all about.

In conclusion, double-check that your podcast artwork is appropriate for the size and platform that you will be hosting your platform on. Make sure you don’t use too many fonts and that your fonts fit with your podcast branding. Keep your graphic simple and don’t be afraid to include yourself in it!


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