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What Are You So Afraid Of?

A little bit of technology never hurts anyone! Or…maybe it has. I get it, technology can be difficult to learn and can involve a huge learning curve to be good at it. However, podcasting does not have to be super involved with technology. You can even use your smartphone to start up your podcast.

So if all you have to do is press record, where are you supposed to start?

Invest in Advice from a Podcast Expert

The easy answer is that you’re going to need some help with setting your podcast up for success. In fact, learning the technology is probably going to be the easiest part of starting a successful show. There is so much more to a podcast than a microphone. You will need to learn marketing, production, and even scriptwriting to produce a podcast that will bring you a return on your investment of time.

Learning from the best of the best is the easiest way to conquer your fear of podcasting and learn how to use technology to start the podcast of your dreams. There are so many resources on the internet for free on how to start a podcast.

In fact, there are even entire podcasts that are catered toward people who want to start podcasts!

Her Voice Hub is a great place to start. At Her Voice Hub, experienced podcasting professionals create quality content that is geared toward helping you create your own content. While you can invest your time into learning from those at Her Voice Hub through their free content, you can also invest some cash into Her Voice Hub’s Podcast Expert Program which is a unique coaching program that will save you time, money, and tears.

You may be asking yourself - wait, I thought this was supposed to be how to start your podcast for free?

While you can definitely learn valuable skills from Her Voice Hub’s free content, the Podcast Expert Program is designed to help you learn how to make back your initial investment. To put it simply, you’re not saving money by only using free content to learn if the paid content will help you reach your goals faster and farther than you could have ever dreamed of reaching them.

You can think of this like a lemonade stand:

When you were a child you may have invested a little bit of money in some powdered lemonade and a leftover jug to sell ice cold lemonade on a hot day in your neighborhood. Your initial investment was $3, and at the end of the day you sold $20 worth of lemonade. This meant that overall, you had made $17 in profit.

Had you never made your initial investment into that lemonade stand, you would never have made over five times what you had started with.

Your podcast will be much bigger than a lemonade stand with the proper coaching and support. The potential for growth with a podcast is astronomical. With dedication, hard work, and a resource such as Her Voice Hub, you have the potential to grow your podcast from a simple side hustle into a fully fledged career where you can be your own boss.


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