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How to put yourself in the right mindset to grow your audience and boost confidence as a podcaster

There Are Many Misconceptions about Podcasting

Starting a podcast does not have to be a thousand dollar investment, though many people believe this to be true. You can start a successful podcast with 100 dollars or less with the right mindset and proper goals put in place. In fact, starting a podcast by investing so much money can actually kill your podcast before it ever begins. The frustration of not having made back your initial investment can destroy your confidence and possibly lead to you quitting before you ever reach your full potential as a podcaster.

How Do You Put Yourself in the Right Mindset?

Mindfulness is important as a podcaster and for content creation in general. If you are not creating content with intention, odds are you are not creating content that is quality. Set goals that are attainable but also challenging. Your first podcast episode is likely to be the worst quality episode that you will ever make, but that’s not to say that it is bad or that you should give up. To be a successful podcaster and grow your audience, you must improve as you continue developing and creating episodes. You should want your first episode to be your worst episode as that means that you have grown!

Building a Routine for Podcasting

Having a routine is key to creating quality and consistent content. Forgetting just a few simple things can derail your recording and lead to fatal errors.

● Restart your computer to ensure nothing is running in the background

● Test your equipment

● Make sure that your camera is working properly

● Make sure that your microphone sounds how you want it to

● Have water readily available to you

● Remember to eat and use the restroom

Putting yourself in the right headspace is just as important as making sure that your environment is properly set up for your recording. Create your own checklist for podcasting success based on the things that you need for a positive and successful recording session. Remember to prioritize your self-care as it will translate through your episodes and to your audience. If you forget to breathe and loosen up, this energy will be apparent in your podcast episodes.

Seek Out Feedback to Boost Your Confidence

Feedback is crucial to boosting your confidence as a podcaster. Ask your family, friends, and your community for feedback. Knowing that people are listening to your work can be a huge confidence boost as it confirms that you are not just speaking into a vacuum. Feedback, both positive and negative, should be taken in and used as a motivating factor to keep creating more content. Even if you receive negative feedback, reframe it and know that someone has listened and cares enough to leave a comment to push you in the right direction.

Overall, staying positive and having goals are essential for running a successful podcast and growing an audience that is interested in your content. Keeping a routine helps you to remain consistent which is key for growth. Make your own checklist for recording and reach out to some of your family and friends for some feedback to give yourself a confidence boost!

How to recover from accidents or injuries, and so much more. The usage of subtopics to create topics for your content will help to make sure that your listener is never bored and that you are still catering to their interests.

As you can see, breaking your main topic down into subtopics will help give you the tools to create more content that is relevant to your brand. Consider what your main topic might be and then break them down into three subtopics. Try to break those three subtopics down further into another three subtopics. This is an amazing way to keep your brand aligned and ensure that you are providing that same recurring valuable content to your listeners.


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