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What is the Best Way to Remain Consistent?

Posting three to five episodes a week may be the workload that you want. However, if you are not refining your content and posting content that is brand-aligned, you could be hurting your podcast more than you are helping it. When posting podcast content, remember that you should be striving for quality over quantity. For some, this may mean that they can only post a quality episode every other week. Even if this is the case for your show, this will result in a larger and more dedicated audience than if you were to post one subpar episode a week.

Think of your new podcast as a TV program. TV scheduling is one of the primary ways that TV shows draw in loyal viewers. Viewers trust that each Monday at 5 pm there will be a new episode to enjoy. Even if you aren’t able to watch each Monday at 5 pm, you remember to set your VCR or tune in later. These relationships are something that you want to do with your podcast, so know your limits and create a schedule that is sustainable for you.

Another part of consistency that is important for you is to create a recording schedule. Whether you are the type that batch records or records once a week, creating routine with your recording will help set you up for success and allow you to meet the schedule that you have provided for your listeners.

Here is an example of a weekly recording schedule that allows for rest and wards off burnout:

Let’s say that you work a 9-5 job Monday through Friday. You want to record twice a week.

● You record on Wednesday evenings because there is not too much going on.

● You also record on Saturday mornings while your house is still quiet.

● You keep your full Sunday to relax, recharge, and prepare your house for the next week.

This allows you to edit and brand your episodes throughout the week here and there without podcasting taking over your life. This also allows for you to have expectations for your recording days. If they were unplanned, you may find yourself pushing up against your deadlines to create an episode to meet your schedule. This could result in rushed or unnatural content and you may not perform at your best.

Remember that in order to stay consistent for your viewers, you must stay consistent with yourself. Taking care of yourself is taking care of your podcast. Do what you can and don’t overwork yourself.


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