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Important Things To Consider Before Hiring Someone

1. Do they understand your goals?

You need your podcast manager to understand your goals and your business desires, as well as your brand and your brand voice. When someone is writing your show notes or your blog, you want them to be able to embody themselves with your brand. This will make it so that your blogs and your social media sound just like your brand and your product.

2. Can they follow the rules?

I am sure that you have rules in your business and ideally you will have guidelines that you want someone to follow who is working for your show. This could be from your SOPs, to using your brand colors correctly, or maybe even listening to your editing preferences. Following the rules is incredibly important to maintaining brand consistency.

3. Can they communicate with you well?

Sometimes communication styles may just not mesh well together. This does not mean that either person is a bad communicator, it may just mean that you two aren’t a very good fit. Does this person misunderstand what you are trying to say? Do you like the tone that they speak to you in? Consider this before hiring someone to be your podcast manager as you will need to be able to communicate with them effectively to see success.

Remember: Outsourcing is Not a Sign of Weakness

In fact, it really is quite the opposite. Even if you are a master at running your show on your own, you really need to consider what is mentally and physically good for your household and personal life. After all, we all have our own lives going on. You have a business, you may have kids, you may have a family, and adding a podcast burnout to all of that is not going to be good for you or your business.

Consider if it is time for you to take some extra stress off of your plate and hire an employee. It may just be the thing that helps boost your podcast!