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Proper Podcast Audit and Improve your Content!

Why is a Podcast Audit Going to Help Me?

Did you know that setting aside just a few hours of your time to self-audit your podcast may be the difference maker in the success of your show? Not everyone has time to fully listen to each podcast and take notes on it, but it is important to pretend as if you were one of your listeners and ensure that you are creating the quality content of your dreams.

How to Do a Podcast Audit

Step One: Begin with the first 30-60 seconds of your audio.

Ask yourself these important questions:

● What do you hear?

● Do you hear a call to action?

● Is there a hook?

● What is the format of your introduction?

● Or is there no introduction at all?

There is no right or wrong answer to these questions. You may even choose to note down what you notice. You may have noticed that the music at the beginning was way too loud and probably should be turned down - so write it down!

Step Two: Listen for changes in emotion throughout your episode.

Ask yourself these questions when doing this part:

● What are the emotions created through your show?

● Does it feel monotone at any part?

● Is there a different loudness or softness between segments or during sentences?

● Does your emotion in your voice relate to your content?

● If you have music, does the emotion of your music relate to the emotion of your content?

● If your emotion doesn’t match your content, why doesn’t it?

Step Three: Listen to your outro and analyze it.

Use these questions as a guide for this step:

● Do your listeners know that your show is coming towards an end?

● Are you creating that feeling around an outro?

● You not might not necessarily need the outro that a lot of podcasters make with the music going out but what is happening towards the end of your show?

● Do you say bye?

● Do you say thank you?

● Do you say nothing?

Note all of this down and keep it for later!

Step Four: Listen to the episode again to examine your audio quality.

These questions may be the most important part of doing a self-audit for your podcast:

● Is your guest’s audio in the show the same loudness as your audio?

● Can you hear a lot of background noise?

● Is a cell phone ringing?

● Do you have dogs barking and kids yelling in the background?

● Is there static or buzzing?

● Is there lag?

Step Five: Examine your podcast for a clear call to action.

Write down how many times and where you gave a call to action to your listeners.

Step Six: Cosmetics

Look at the outside of your show and examine these things:

● Your artwork

● Your bio

● Your notes

● Your tags

● Your titles

What do you think about them? Do they look appealing?

You may be feeling like your podcast isn’t experiencing the amount of growth you had hoped for and doing a podcast audit can turn your podcast around. Stay tuned for how to turn all of this new information you’ve gathered about your show into productive changes that can improve your show quality.