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Why Should You Repurpose Your Podcast?

Podcasting can be extremely rewarding as a business tool because your episodes have the capacity to exist in so many different places on the internet to boost your online fingerprint. Podcast episodes live forever and they shouldn’t be left to collect dust and be considered just an “old episode”. Your old podcast episodes have the surprising ability to be able to continue to do work for the growth of your business.

There are four main areas where your content can be used productively.

1. Audio

This is most likely the format that your old podcast content already is in. You are catering to people who are on the go or just trying to relax. People are walking with their headphones in and your episode playing from their smartphone in their pocket. Perhaps your listener is accessing your show while they are driving to work or while they are trying to get some extra zzz’s in and want some calm content to listen to. Any way you slice it, with good audio quality, these audio episodes can go a long way. If your podcast currently exists as a video podcast, consider reuploading just the audio! This can be a great way to get more clicks.

2. Video

Adding video to your show can be crucial to accessing markets of listeners that you hadn’t considered before. With just a little bit of investment in time and your smartphone camera, you can repurpose your old podcast show notes into short form video that will help you reach listeners and buyers on platforms such as Youtube, TikTok, Instagram Reels, and Facebook Video. Many people don’t know that they like podcasts, but they love listening to informative content on platforms that are more visual.

3. Written

This episode conversion is much like the second concept of repurposing your old shows into video content for people who don’t listen to podcasts. You can easily repurpose your old podcast episodes into written form to access those who prefer to read their online content. By using transcripts of your old podcast episodes, you can turn those episodes into short-form or long-form blog posts that can drive traffic to your website and generate ad revenue or income from affiliate link clicks!

4. Promo

Promotion is the fourth way that you can convert your old podcast episodes into a new form of content. Using static graphic images on platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram can be a great way to promote your podcast. As well, consistent brand imaging can promote you as an individual and lead to growth for you on those platforms. The main goal of converting your old episodes into visual images is to gain visibility to the other three forms that your podcast can exist in. While this method is the least likely to directly gain you revenue, they will direct potential audience members to the other three that will!

Now that you know about the four ways to repurpose your old podcast content, which method will you try first?


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