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Tips to reach out to other Podcasts and Gain Visibility

Increasing Visibility by Being a Podcast Guest

One of the most viable ways to increase your visibility is to be a podcast guest yourself. It is not enough to just start a business that you love, you need to find people that will relate to your message and become interested in what you have to offer as well. Without acquiring clients, you cannot have a business. In order to do so, putting yourself out there and collaborating with other podcasters is a great way to expand your audience and increase your visibility online.

Manage Your Expectations for Yourself, but Shoot for the Stars

If you are just starting out with speaking professionally, you are not likely to land a spot as a guest on the biggest podcasts out on the market right now. However, if you start small and work your way up, with time and effort you very well could! One of the best ways to work your way to the top is networking. Put yourself out there and meet with other like minded entrepreneurs. Think about your audience and the audiences of others that you are interacting with.

If your target audience is primarily women, you will want to connect with others who cater to female listeners. If your target audience is primarily men, reaching out may not be the best use of your time unless you can find other common ground!

How Do I Reach Out to Collaborate?

Being clear and succinct on what you are offering is a great way to find success when looking to work with other podcasters. This is called a warm outreach. You have already connected online and are now wanting to discuss hosting each other on your podcasts. This is a very clear way to build a relationship with another podcaster and to see if you can even build a community that supports both of you. This is more of a time investment, but is the best way to create collaborations that result in long-term success for both you and the podcasters who you are networking with.

The cold pitch is a little less involved on the networking side, but more involved on the business side. You will need to create a list of topics that you can offer to speak of and do more intensive research on podcasts to reach out to. Items that you should include in your cold pitch are:

● The Question: Do you have any speaking opportunities?

● The Goal: I am trying to increase my visibility.

● The Offer: I would like to speak on _________ on your podcast, if possible.

The beautiful thing about marketing yourself is that the more you reach out, the more visibility you will get, but this is not an invitation to start knocking on everyone’s doors in Instagram DMs and cold pitching. Follow other podcasters in your niche, join podcasting communities, and participate authentically and you may never have to make a cold pitch to get opportunities. The goal should be to collaborate in an authentic way!


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