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Helpful Tips and Tricks for Guest Outreach and Pitching

Step One: Put some thought into what your dream guests look like.

First and foremost, you will need to make this guest feel wanted! Consider the reasons why you want this person on your show and think of ways to make them feel like they are happy to be on your show. As well, be realistic with your choices for your podcast guests. All of us podcasters dream of having celebrities on our podcasts, but consider that smaller guests could have an even better effect on your overall podcast growth. Of course, having a celebrity on will spike your views for one episode, but what will keep listeners coming back for more now that their favorite celebrity has already been on your show?

Step Two: Consider how and how often you will reach out.

Busy people don’t typically answer offers right away. How will you build a relationship with your ideal podcast guests so that they will answer? Some of your dream podcast guests could be receiving hundreds of DMs per day, so consider ways to make yourself stand out. Also, manage your expectations as far as when you want them to appear. You will find yourself scrambling to replan your episode schedule if you plan on asking a big influencer to appear on next week’s episode.

Step Three: Think about what might be in it for them?

People often don’t give their time away for free, so what is in it for your guest? Oftentimes, people will agree to come on your show to either get visibility or promote their own products and projects. It is your role to decide which one of these things your dream guest will be interested in and include this in your pitch. If you know that your prospective guest has a new book coming out in a few months, mention this in your message to them. Offer them the opportunity to get something out of appearing on your podcast so that they don’t think that appearing on your show will be a waste of their time. Remember that time is money!

All in all, be aware of the other side of the aisle. Make sure that when you are pitching to guests that you want on your show that your offer sounds attractive. Consider whether or not you would accept an offer that is similar to your offer. Is it too short of a notice to appear on your show? Are you not offering enough? All of these things are important to keep in mind when pitching and doing guest outreach!


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