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How To Promote Podcast

Is it Time to Start Social Media?

If you are asking yourself this question as a podcaster, the answer is likely yes. If you are feeling like there may be benefits to doing the work and putting your podcast out there on social media, your suspicions are probably true. Social media can be an excellent way to advertise your show for free and find listeners that you may never have accessed without the reach that social media can offer you. Being active on social media can also provide your current listeners with additional content. If they like you and they trust you, they will be looking for more from you.

Increasing Visibility by Choosing the Proper Platform

As always when making new moves in relation to your podcast, you must consider your audience. Where are your target audience members when they are not listening to your podcast? Are they scrolling through Instagram? Are they tweeting their thoughts on Twitter? Could they be part of the younger generation that spends hours of their day on TikTok? These questions are crucial to ask yourself so that you do not waste your time by spreading yourself too thin.

If your target market is 12-21 year olds, TikTok would be a great place to start. It’s easy to convert podcast episodes into catchy or funny clips that would do well on the TikTok ‘For You’ page.

Think about this before signing up for a million different social media accounts. When starting to approach social media as a podcaster, you will want to take it slow. Instead of signing up for 10 new social media accounts, sign up for one. Put effort into it for a bit and see how it grows before you expand out to the next social media platform.

Repurposing Audio Clips for Social Media

On social media platforms where you can share audio and video, podcast clips can be very successful. Consider what is interesting about your podcast before you start clipping down random interviews. Do you tell a lot of jokes on your podcast? If so, highlighting a particularly funny moment on your podcast may be the perfect way to direct new listeners to your podcast.

Create a Plan

As with almost anything podcast-related, create a marketing plan so that your online presence stays consistent with your brand. If your branding on your social media accounts is different from the actual experience of your podcast, you may end up making the new listeners that you directed to your show feeling like they can’t trust you. If your show is informative or presentational and you very rarely make jokes, drawing people in with a funny clip on TikTok will have your new listener feeling betrayed.

Note down the answers to the following as you are setting up your new social media account:

● What content can I repurpose for social media?

● What content will be audio?

● What content will be written?

● How will I brand myself on social media?

● How often will I post on social media?


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