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How Many Episodes Should You Have Recorded Before You Launch?

The number of episodes available to new listeners when launching a new podcast is actually a surprising amount. The answer is three. Three episodes gives the listener enough content to see if they are willing to commit to your schedule and come back for more. It gives your audience time to make up their minds about your podcast and leave a review about what they would like to see in the future. This is also an amount of episodes that isn’t overwhelming to you as the creator and allows time for people to leave feedback on your work before you make 10 or 15 episodes with something that people aren’t a fan of.

Where Should You Launch Your Podcast and How Long Does It Take?

Today, the main streaming services for podcasts are Spotify and Apple Podcasts. When submitting your three completed episodes to these services, they typically go live by the end of the day. Other places that you may want to post your new podcasts could take up to two days, so keep that in mind when choosing where to host your podcast online!

Podcast Launch Checklist - Are You Ready to Launch?

Is your cover able to be read on Apple Podcasts or Spotify?

Podcast covers can be tricky to design. Your titles will be easy to read when you are on your laptop or computer, but most people access their podcasts through Apple Podcasts or Spotify through their smartphones. Because of this, you may not be able to actually read the fonts in your cover image on these devices. As well, they may miss some colors or other details. Be sure to use a podcast cover simulator to check your image on multiple apps and devices.

Does your name fit your topic?

Podcast names are so important to drawing in new listeners. Make sure that your podcast name speaks to your topic and is also unique! Your title should tell the listener what your podcast is all about while also making them interested and wanting to know more!

Do you have a podcast mission or goal?

Creating a podcast without a goal behind it is a recipe for disaster. There is much more to a podcast than just a nice voice and an interesting topic. Consider what you want out of creating a podcast and what you want your viewer to gain from listening to your podcast. You will need absolute clarity on this topic before you are ready to launch.

With all this in mind, are you ready to launch your new podcast?


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