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Why Should You Promote Community With Your Podcast?

Building a community is essential for long-term podcast success. First and foremost, a community is a great way to not only grow your podcast but to grow your brand. With a community, you are able to engage with your listeners and get feedback from them which can help you move in the right direction to be successful. This can be done through the comments section or through polls, surveys, or even questionnaires. Analyzing your community in this way can help you ask yourself if you are reaching your target demographic or interacting with a more diverse group of listeners.

Questions you may want to ask yourself about your viewers include:

● Are they male or female?

● Where are they from?

● What language do they speak?

● What content do they like?

These answers can help you market yourself better for ads or sponsorships. As well, it can help you create better content that is more suited to the needs of your viewership. If your target audience was men, but you find that 60% or more of your audience is women, you may be missing out on accessing the demographic that you were aiming for. Doing market research through your community is a helpful tool for long-term podcast success.


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