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Diving Headfirst Into Video Podcasting - How to Start and Succeed

Making the investment into video podcasting can be scary, but it can also be exciting! Video podcasting allows you to access new listeners and can be as simple as setting up your iPhone on a tripod and hitting record. Here’s how to dive headfirst into video podcasting and be successful!

Adding in video to your podcast show can be a terrifying thought for some. For others, it sounds like an exciting new way to reach your audience and expand your brand. Even though you may be scared, video podcasting can help to boost your confidence as a podcaster and expand your community.

How Do I Start Video Podcasting?

  • Start Small

If you have a smartphone, you have a webcam and there is most likely a way that you can plug your phone into your computer to upload and edit your footage. Smartphone cameras these days are extremely high quality and have the ability to create quality video podcasts without breaking the bank on new equipment.

  • Decorate Your Background

Without breaking the bank, brainstorm a way to make your background look interesting and inviting. Your video podcasting space does not need to have a professional backdrop or even a greenscreen, but it also shouldn’t be in the middle of your messy living room. Make your space look intentional, add in some simple themed decorations that can add to your production quality and promote your brand.

  • Look Into Short Form Content

The attention span of the internet is shorter now than it ever has been which means that now is the perfect time to start video recording your podcasts. With the rise of Tiktok, Youtube Shorts, and Instagram Reels, creating bite sized snippets of your podcast can help you to increase the amount of platforms that your content is on and also increase the amount of people that interact with your content. If you are already recording a 60 minute podcast, you will now have dozens of small clips to choose from to upload separately and cast a wider net for new viewers.

  • Lighting is Everything

If you are going to invest in anything, invest in lighting. This does not have to be a professional lighting kit or a thousand dollar investment, but bad lighting can be the downfall of your new video podcast. Even if you have a professional DSLR camera, it cannot fix bad lighting. With proper lighting, even the worst smartphone camera can look great. Invest in some nice LEDs that can brighten your space, or record in natural lighting. Using natural light can be a gamble, however, as you will need to rely on both the weather and the time of day for your recording schedule.

All in all, making these few simple investments can help your video podcasts be a successful use of your time to boost viewership, profits, and increase your brand presence online. If you only post audio podcasts on podcast-specific websites, this move will allow you to reach millions of prospective viewers and build your community of listeners worldwide.