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Why Does Confidence Matter to a Podcast Host?

Hosting a podcast that makes revenue inherently means that you are selling a product to your listener. Whether the product that you are selling is your own podcast episodes or you’re selling ad or affiliate content, you are trying to get your listener to agree with you in some way. This means that while being a podcast host you also have to be somewhat of a saleswoman/salesman.

What Are the Six Body Language Hacks to Become a More Confident Podcast Host?

Number 1: Use your hands (but not too much!)

This tip may sound a little counterintuitive, but speaking with your hands can be a great way to place emphasis on what you are trying to get across to your audience. However, tread carefully because if you use your hands too much when you are speaking you may end up distracting your audience. Use your hands briefly and remember to keep your palms open and facing the audience. This psychologically makes you seem and feel a lot more confident.

Number 2: Having good posture.

Try to keep a straight, upright posture while you are speaking. As we all know, being slouchy makes you look lazy. People will not want to continue to watch and listen along if you are looking disinterested in what you are talking about. Keep in mind that your posture and your confidence relate to your brand imaging. Does laziness relate to your brand? Probably not!

Number 3: The right kind of eye contact is key.

When you are entertaining a guest on your show, make good eye contact with your guest. This will both help your guest feel more comfortable and help keep your audience interested in what your guest is saying. However, when you are doing solo episodes you should be looking directly in the eye of the camera. If you are looking above or below the camera, you will not be making eye contact with your listener through the screen. Instead, your eyes will be at an awkward level to them and you will not be engaging as well.

Number 4: Remember to speak confidently!

This is a mostly audio form of expression, after all. Remember our tips about not drinking coffee or caffeine because your body will produce excess saliva. Avoid making sighing noises or chewing gum while recording as well for this same reason. You do not want to degrade your audio quality or distract your listeners by doing anything unnecessary with your mouth.

Number 5: Breathing properly (not too fast!)

Speak slowly and with confidence. If you are rushing through your podcast episode, you are likely to accidentally make your listeners anxious. As well, this will force you to breathe unnaturally which causes a breath sound. Remember that the more that you get used to speaking, the easier it gets and just breathe and be yourself!

Number 6: Keep your energy levels up!

Keeping your energy levels up will help you to avoid being monotone and leaving your delivery devoid of energy and devoid of emotion. This will make you more confident by default! Make sure that you are keeping your expressions on your face so that your viewers can see the connections that you are making and not only hear the emotion in your voice, but also enjoy it on your face.

Use these six tricks to become a confident podcast host, keep your listeners engaged, and foster the growth of your new podcast!