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Ace any Podcast Interview with Human Design

What is Human Design?

There are five different types of human designs. These are a sort of personality test that can help provide some insight on how you are as a person, as well as how your podcast guests that you are interviewing may be. Let’s relate human design to your podcast!

1. The First Human Design - The Reflector

The first human design type is the reflector. This human design type is extremely rare and only reflects about 1% of the population. They are amazing people because they reflect like a mirror. So if they are surrounded by amazing entrepreneurs or enthusiastic creators, they would reflect that energy and put that energy out as the same energy it was received as. Think of them like a chameleon, able to change their color and relate to the circumstance that they are in.

2. The Second Human Design - The Manifestor

The second one is the manifester. They are estimated to be around 9% of the population, so still quite a small amount but a bit more than the reflector. When these people walk into a room and start a conversation, that energy is felt throughout the audio waves. Manifestors have an energetic vibe and amazing perspective of how the world is and how you can transform it. What I always suggest for people who have this manifestor design in them is that they do more solo episodes. They should be wary of having guests on the show because when a manifester goes into a defensive state that energy will reflect to their audience. Because of this, the audience will actually start feeling that negative energy so it's really great for this human design type to avoid that and instead to do a lot more solo episodes and explain why they feel so passionate about specific topics.

3. The Third Human Design - The Projector

The next human design type is the projector. Projectors are already able to see the world in a different view. They are amazing for doing interviews and really uncovering the real honest opinion of the guests. Even if the guest comes on the show with one specific topic in mind, projectors are able to turn it into an amazing, intense and engaging interview. They are amazing at guiding people. The one thing that projectors need to focus on is having the wrong people on the show. If the wrong person comes on the show, this will exhaust a projector because they will have difficulty guiding them. So, as a projector, it's really important that you do your research and see which guests would ideally align with your show.

4. The Fourth Human Design - The Generator

Then we have the generator. These people are the ones that really love to talk about what they love. No one can get enough of them because it is just so satisfying to hear them speak about something that they're so passionate about. In this way, they really are able to generate that energy and generate that passion and growing fire in their audience, in their guests, and within themselves -- just like the name suggests. However, with generators, they often want to do a lot more than what they can put their hands on. So be sure to practice saying no and knowing when to say yes.

5. The Fifth Human Design - The Manifesting Generator

This type is like a hybrid of both the generator, and the manifester. People say that this type is like super humans. They are able to generate that amazing energy and manifest whatever comes in their way. They also can be bogged down with frustration if what they want doesn't happen right away. For them, it is always a great idea to have someone assisting them and keeping them on track. Having a co-host is amazing for this human design type.

Now you know all of the five human design types and some tips for the human design types as a podcaster. So which one are you?